Creating My LinkedIn Profile Assignment

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What is LinkedIn and Why Should I Care

Have you used LinkedIn before? Or even heard of it? It's often referred to as "Facebook for Professionals". Others describe it as a social network for people already working and who have experience.

As a college student, you may think that LinkedIn is something that you will look to join later. Later, when you have a bit more experience or at least know what you want to do when you graduate.

Learning Activities

Read this article from Forbes explaining Why College Freshmen Need To Major In LinkedIn.

Actually, joining LinkedIn now is exactly what you should do. Learning how LinkedIn works today even while you are a student will set you up for success using LinkedIn in the future. It may help you find your path to what you want to do even if that is uncertain right now.

Watch this short video that explains how LinkedIn is For Students.

Connecting with your classmates, counselors, and professors throughout your college career will help you begin to build a network of contacts. It's that network that may help you find that perfect job in the future. With today's highly competitive job market, you need to do everything you can to be recognized and be remarkable. Connecting via LinkedIn will help you make and maintain contacts who may one day be looking for someone just like you to fill a job at their company!

Creating your own LinkedIn Profile

For this assignment, you will create your own LinkedIn profile. Even if you already have a LinkedIn profile, read through the rest of this next section to make sure your profile is in tip-top shape.

Again, there is no cost in signing up and creating your LinkedIn profile. It is completely free, so if you haven't already, visit the LinkedIn Signup page to begin setting up your profile.

Once you have entered the basic contact information and created your profile, there are some "best practices" to keep in mind when adding to and updating your profile. The goal is to make sure that your profile represents you accurately and in the best possible light.

This video, Top Five Profile To-Do's, provides a quick list of items to initially add to your LinkedIn profile.

Going a bit further, here's a checklist that is worth revisiting in the future as you update the education and experience sections of your LinkedIn profile and as you begin networking with others on LinkedIn.

Assignment Tasks

From these suggestions, here are the things I am looking for you to do in your profile:

  1. Create your profile (account).
  2. Upload an appropriate professional photo.
  3. Write a brief informative profile headline.
  4. Write a summary statement.
  5. Add your Experience.
  6. Include being a student at Lone Star College in your Education section
  7. Claim your own unique and personalized URL and set your profile to public
  8. Start building your network by adding me as one of your contacts
  9. Add your skills.
  10. Join a group related to your field or area of interest.

This assignment is worth 20 points. Here is the Grading Rubric for the completed items that I want to see in your LinkedIn profile:

Submitting Your Work

  1. Complete your profile and then find my profile on LinkedIn.
  2. Make sure you use proper grammar and spelling. (This will be included in my grading of your profile.)
  3. Send me a Connect request from within LinkedIn by clicking either the 'Send Message' or 'Connect' button next to my profile before the due date.
  4. .