System Architecture and Managing Systems Implementation


During implementation, the system design specification serves as a blueprint for developing the new system. The initial task is application development, which requires systems analysts and programmers to work together to construct the necessary programs and code modules. Before a changeover, the system must be tested and documented carefully, users must be trained, and existing data must be converted. After the new system is operational, a formal evaluation of the results takes place as part of a final report to management.


At the end of this week, you will be able to:

Learning Activities

  1. Read Module 10: System Architecture.
  2. Participate in Module 10 SCR Case Simulation: System Architecture.
  3. Read Module 11: Managing Systems Implementation.
  4. Participate in Module 11 SCR Case Simulation: Managing Systems Implementation.


  1. Take the Unit 10 Test.
  2. Take the Unit 11 Test.