Week 2 - Working with Formulas and Functions (Ch2)


With its capabilities in mathematical, scientific, engineering, and other calculations, Excel is a valuable tool for business, government, education, and you. You can use Excel to create a simple addition formula or a sophisticated calculation with layers of arithmetic. In this chapter, you learn how to build a basic formula and how to use mathematical rules. You also explore Excel function categories.

We also take a quick look at the original spreadsheet software, VisiCalc. Some even consider this the first "killer app" before that was even a known term.


At the end of this week, you will be able to:

Learning Activities

  1. Watch the Awesome Video(s) to help prepare for our week's activities.
  2. Check out the informational items for some in-depth specifics.
  3. Read Excel Ch 2 (SIMBook) in SIMnet.
  4. Complete the end-of-chapter questions to check your knowledge (you are not required to submit these).


  1. In SIMnet, complete Excel Ch 2 SIMBook Let Me Try in-reading tasks.
  2. In SIMnet, complete Excel Ch 2 SIMpath.
  3. In SIMnet, complete Excel Ch 2 SIMnet Project 2-3.
  4. In SIMnet, complete Excel Ch 2 SIMnet Project 2-5.
  5. In Slack, participate in the #before-excel channel discussion.