Week 5 - Exploring the Function Library (Ch6) | Capstone 1


The Excel Function Library includes functions that perform complex and sophisticated calculations for use in business, government, education, and research. In this chapter, you learn about functions in the Database, Logical, Date & Time, Financial, and Text categories. You also nest functions and build time, date, and statistical calculations.

You will also work through our mid-semester capstone project which is assigned as a SIMnet Project putting into practice some of the new skills and knowledge that you've gained during the past several weeks. You will also have a chance to "catch up" on any assignments that you might have yet to complete. Or, if you didn't score as high as you would have liked on one or more of the SIMnet Projects in chapters 1-6, remember you can resubmit (even past the due date with a 20% late deduction) and the highest score will be taken.


At the end of this week, you will be able to:

Learning Activities

  1. Check out the informational items for some in-depth specifics.
  2. Read Ch 6 (SIMBook) in SIMnet.


  1. Complete Excel Ch 6 SIMBook Let Me Try in-reading tasks.
  2. Complete Excel Ch 6 SIMpath.
  3. Complete Excel Ch 6 SIMnet Project 1.
  4. Complete Excel Ch 6 SIMnet Project 2.
  5. Complete Mid-semester Capstone Project.