Week 6 - Working with Templates and Sharing Work (Ch7)


Excel templates are model workbooks. When you create a new workbook, you use a template with basic settings, including a document theme, a font name and size, and default margins. You can build an easy-to-use, error-free workbook with a template and commands such as data validation and form controls.


At the end of this week, you will be able to:

Learning Activities

  1. Read Excel Ch 7 (SIMBook) in SIMnet.
  2. Complete the end-of-chapter questions to check your knowledge (you are not required to submit these).


  1. Complete Excel Ch 7 SIMBook Let Me Try in-reading tasks.
  2. Complete Excel Ch 7 SIMpath.
  3. Complete Excel Ch 7 SIMnet Project 1.
  4. Complete Excel Ch 7 SIMnet Project 2.
  5. Complete Mid-semester Capstone Project.